Course description:

The Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) is a unique, flexible interdisciplinary degree program that trains mid-career professionals who plan to dedicate their careers to policy-making and public service in and for developing countries. The mission of the master’s program in international development policy is to provide top-quality, personalized education targeted to students’ international development policy goals and interests. The program equips graduates to make contributions to social, political and economic development efforts worldwide.

School Department:

Duke Center for International Development, Sanford School at Duke University

Entry Requirements:

Admission to the MIDP is competitive, based upon the applicant’s academic and professional credentials, essays, English proficiency and letters of recommendation. To ensure the best chance for admission, applicants must have:

• A strong academic background that demonstrates the capability to successfully undertake graduate studies. Duke University requires the completion of a four-year undergraduate degree to be eligible to apply.

• A professional background of at least five years which shows an increase in responsibilities over time. Development-related experience is preferred.

• Essays which demonstrate a commitment to working in development and a deep awareness of development issues.

• Strong letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic references, which speak in detail about the applicant’s potential and skills.

For all applicants, strong written and oral English skills are absolutely essential to succeed in the MIDP program.


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